The Fan Museum, Greenwich

Fan Circle founder member Hélène Alexander was able to realise the dream of a lifetime when, in 1991, the Fan Museum in Greenwich opened its doors. Opened after several years’ refurbishment of two partly derelict Georgian buildings near the centre of Greenwich, the Fan Museum houses a superb collection of fans and runs three special exhibitions annually, showcasing different aspects of the fan. A must for any London visitor, the Fan Museum and the FCI have always had a special relationship and the FCI organises visits there on a regular basis, as well as frequently holding its Christmas party in the Orangery.

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FCI supports Modern Fan Design

One of the purposes of the FCI is to encourage interest in and knowledge of the fan. Though to many of us this would mean the history of fans, and of collecting and researching old fans, the FCI is also keen to sponsor interest in young people which may include modern design of fans.

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Members come from all walks of life, enthusiasts who come together through their interest in fans. We welcome amateurs and professionals, fan makers and students, historians and antique dealers, lace makers and people simply interested in costume and accessories.

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About us

The Fan Circle International was 40 years old in 2015!

To commemorate our 40th birthday the FCI commissioned Sylvain Le Guen, French fan-maker, to produce a very special “Ruby” fan. This fan is going to be used to promote the FCI, and fan design, worldwide. This photo shows the fan being presented to our President, Fransje Hovinga-van Eijsden, at the 2015 AGM. Read more here...

The Fan Circle International is a collectors’ society which was formed in 1975 to promote interest in, and understanding of, all aspects of the many varieties of fan. Though our operations are based in the UK, we are truly International! Members come from more than 20 countries (mainly Europe and the United States) with a growing participation from Asia. We welcome all ages and interests, whether you actually own a fan or not.

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