A Message from FCI August 2020

Dear Fan friends,

Well we have all been living through some difficult times, and we hope all our members are still keeping safe and well.

It seems every country has its limits and restrictions, but certainly in the UK, it seems as though it may still be some time before we can meet together.

As members will know, the FCI has planned some interesting fan talks on Zoom. The first of these is to be on Saturday 19th September at 7pm BST. Peter Greenhalgh is going to talk about fans in his collection that have been made by, or can be associated with previous FCI members. In order to participate in these you need to be a member of the FCI.

Meanwhile - we have changed the fan photographs on the front of the website, to show some hopefully still seasonal subjects with a seaside theme!

With best wishes to all,

Valerie Wilson
FCI Chairman

The fans illustrated on this website come from private collections. The owners hold the copyright to their images which should not be reproduced for any purpose without permission from FCI.

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The Fan Museum, Greenwich

Fan Circle founder member Hélène Alexander was able to realise the dream of a lifetime when, in 1991, the Fan Museum in Greenwich opened its doors. Opened after several years’ refurbishment of two partly derelict Georgian buildings near the centre of Greenwich, the Fan Museum houses a superb collection of fans and runs three special exhibitions annually, showcasing different aspects of the fan. A must for any London visitor, the Fan Museum and the FCI have always had a special relationship and the FCI organises visits there on a regular basis, as well as frequently holding its Christmas party in the Orangery.

Click this link to visit the Fan Museum website.


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Latest Projects

Very early 18th century ivory painted brisé fan with Chinoiserie, probably Dutch. Blackborne collection.

The Blackborne Collection: The FCI Project

2018 sees the dispersal by auction of approximately 450 fans that were inherited by a Yorkshire couple in 1965. When preparing the catalogue we realised that this was an unprecedented opportunity to capture these fans photographically for posterity. But it was also a chance to learn from these fans about rare biblical or mythological subjects so common on 18th century fans but so difficult for many of us to understand today.

So the concept is to take each one of these fans and work through the people and objects depicted and explain who they are and what the objects mean. This information will be available for research by FCI members and furthers our educational aims as a charity.

Watch this space for further information.