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Members come from all walks of life, enthusiasts who come together through their interest in fans. We welcome amateurs and professionals, fan makers and students, historians and antique dealers, lace makers and people simply interested in costume and accessories.

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The Fan Circle Supports New Fan Design

One of the purposes of the FCI is to encourage interest in and knowledge of the fan. Though to many of us this would mean the history of fans, and of collecting and researching old fans, the FCI is also keen to sponsor interest in young people which may include modern design of fans.

The Fan Museum, Greenwich

Fan Circle founder member HĂ©lĂšne Alexander was able to realise the dream of a lifetime when, in 1991, the Fan Museum in Greenwich opened its doors. Opened after several years’ refurbishment of two partly derelict Georgian buildings near the centre of Greenwich, the Fan Museum houses a superb collection of fans and runs three special exhibitions annually, showcasing different aspects of the fan.

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The Blackborne Project

The Blackborne Collection of Antique Fans has long been recognized as a rich resource for documentation and study. It provides a such variety of fans that most specialized topics can be covered, with the aim of providing comprehensive information to those who wish to learn more about fans, presented in such a way as to make the process both interesting and certainly enjoyable. The collection contains many unusual examples, in relation to both materials and subject matter. An introduction to the Project will be printed in the Spring 2021 edition of the FCI Bulletin, and the first article will examine Mythological fans. This will be printed in the following Bulletin. The aim is to present an article in each future Bulletin and all images and text will thereafter feature on the website.