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Jun 16, 2015

As part of the events taking place in celebration of the Cercle’s 30th Anniversary, we have been notified of two fan exhibitions in Northern France which will be open to the public.

Members are also reminded of the group events to which you may subscribe. Please refer to previous info.

Eventail, matières d’excellence

from 13 September 2015 to 17 April 2016


The upcoming exhibition of fans will be held at the ‘Musée de la nacre et de la tabletterie’ in Méru (50kms North from Paris).

Nearly a hundred fans with carved and sculpted sticks made of ivory, tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl as well as wood, bone and horn will be on show to demonstrate the great talent and creativity of craftsmen -‘tabletiers’ in French- from the Oise region.

Fans from the 17th century until today’s contemporary creation will present a wide variety of materials, techniques and designs. The work of well-known artists such as Georges Bastard, Alfred Cresson, Henneguy, Alfred Jorel, or Vaillant, will be the highlight of the show. All great Nineteenth century fanmakers, like Alexandre or Duvelleroy as well as Rodien, Kees, or Faucon, used to buy sticks from them.

Above information provided by Georgina Letourmy-Bordier who is putting on the exhibition along with Sylvain Le Guen.

Secondly, at Compiegne, North-East of Paris:


Passion du second empire: exposition eventails

Compiegne, city of kings and emperors, is home for three months to an exhibition arranged by the Cercle de l’Eventail.
This exhibition, held in the historic church of Saint Pierre des Minimes, brings together fans from the Second Empire lent by members of the Cercle.   It includes fans owned by the Empress Eugenie and Princess Mathilde, court fans painted by renowned artists, fans celebrating important events of the time and hunting fans – Compiegne was in a favourite hunting forest of a number of French monarchs.   There is a particular focus on the magnificent work undertaken by tabletiers at this period.’
More information is on the website of Espace Saint Pierre des Minimes including opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday
14.00 – 18.00
Free entry
Eglise Saint Pierre des Minimes
Rue des Minimes
60200 Compiegne.

from Saturday 27 June 2015 to Sunday 20 September 2015


L’accessoire des belles dames de la Cour.L’exposition Eventails, passion du Second Empire revient sur la grande épopée de cet accessoire de mode, outil indispensable à toutes les belles dames lors des soirées données par le Cour. L’impératrice Eugénie elle-même ne s’en sépara pas lorsqu’elle posa pour le peintre Claude Dubufe en 1854.Vous pourrez admirer des pièces magnifiques, notamment cent des plus beaux éventails de l’époque mais aussi des créations contemporaines de l’éventailliste Sylvain Le Guen. Les costumes de la collection d’Hubert de Felbacq permettront de mettre en scène cet accessoire.

Some of these fans have been displayed at Vichy, but there are additions and in total the exhibition will comprise of approximately 100 fans. Costumes from the collection of Hubert de Felbacq, and contemporary fans from Sylvain le Guen will also be displayed.




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