A Beginner’s Guide to Fans: The Workshop – 25th June 2019.
By: Publicity Officer
In: Past Events
Jan 6, 2019

In June 2019 Tennants in Leyburn has kindly agreed to loan cabinet space to the FCI for the second exhibition of member’s fans.

During the exhibition period, the second fan auction of 2019 is envisaged.

Due to the successful Event Day in 2018 when many members joined local people for a lecture, lunch and viewing of the exhibition, we plan to offer a practical session on 25th June with the opportunity for Q&As, and actual fans, with the aim of explaining terminology, materials, the link with changing fashions, based on questions I have taken on view days from new collectors or indeed those who just want to learn something new. Please note that this session is for Beginners, and will be relatively informal ( although there will be a test at the end!)
If it is well received, an Intermediate session will be arranged for a later date.

Full details of the Beginners’ Workshop can be found at:


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