Judith Kennedy Collection – Tennants Sale March 9 2019
By: Publicity Officer
In: Past Events
Jan 6, 2019

The Judith Kennedy Collection of fine Antique Fans will be sold at Tennants in Leyburn on March 9th 2019. The collection will be the main focus of the auction, which is supplemented by Part 3 of fans from an ongoing collection dispersal, and some entries from local vendors.

Judith Kennedy joined the FCI in 1977, thus being in from the early days, taking part enthusiastically on Committee and exhibiting her fans. She came to fan collecting late in life, interest starting when she found her late Mother’s fans. She packed a lot into her life ( 1902 – 1986), and made many fan friends, being known for her energy and love of pretty things, including needlework and fine porcelain.. She was drawn to lace fans, oriental fans, and in particular like to buy fans with provenance. Several of the fans being auctioned are worthy of further research, many having unusual features, others simply being fine examples of their kind. The 19th and early 20th century feature strongly, with many vibrant lithographed leaves, Duvelleroy spangled fans for glittering soirées, and rare fans from China.


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