Cercle de l’Eventail : September events
Category: Past Events

As part of the events taking place in celebration of the Cercle’s 30th Anniversary, we have been notified of two fan exhibitions in Northern France which will be open to the public.

Members are also reminded of the group events to which you may subscribe. Please refer to previous info.

Eventail, matières d’excellence

from 13  …

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Ruby Anniversary AGM, Bedford, May 2015
Category: Past Events

What a WONDERFUL Weekend!

How do I start to report on this, our 40th Anniversary celebration?!

It was well-attended, yes, but the exciting part was that several members attended for the first time, some within the Uk, others flying in from Texas and Spain and vowing to return next year!

It was educational, yes,  …

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27th January to 10th May 2015
Category: Past Events

This exhibition will feature fans commemorating significant military campaigns and victories leading up to and following the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 in which Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated.  The exhibition will feature ladies fans of the period between 1800 and 1820. …

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F C I Members Weekend & AGM 2015 – 14th-16th May – Bedford
14th – 16th May 2015
Category: Past Events

This will be our 40th Anniversary – obviously you will all want to join us to celebrate!

Booking Forms will be sent early in January (so there are not ‘mislaid’ under Christmas Cards). Please be sure to return this to us by the end of January, (with your payment, or with details if sending by  …

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