30th Anniversary of Cercle de L’Eventail
By: Publicity Officer
In: Past News
Apr 24, 2015

This announcement is to alert members of FCI to the events proposed by the Cercle de L’Eventail (CE) in celebration of their 30th Anniversary in 2015. The celebrations will be held over 3 days, September 17th to 19th inclusive.

Our friends in the CE have been generous enough, once again, to invite those FCI members who wish to participate in these celebrations, to join them.

As a 30th anniversary is deemed ‘Mother of Pearl’ ( or ‘nacre’ in French),the first day of the programme will involve visiting the Musee de la Nacre in Meru,not far from Paris, and will include lectures. Day 2 will be spent in Compeigne, again near Paris, and day 3 will center around the Musee de L’Eventail, in central Paris.

It is important to note that travel and accommodation are not organised by CE, and so if you propose to join this celebration you will need to contact them direct, in the first instance by writing to contact@cercledeleventail.fr

The deadline for reservations and payment ( in euros) is 15th June 2015.

For full details ( including suggestions for well-placed accommodation) and the reservation form, please CE email as above.


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