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By: Publicity Officer
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Mar 31, 2016

Can we tempt you…………………………to the South of France this summer?

Such a terrible thing, hearing about a new exhibition and then realising that it is miles away!

But, should you be down in the South of France between May 20th 2016 and October 28th, 2016, you should try make a special trip to a pretty and historic town called PEZENAS.

On a map you will find it  between Beziers and Montpellier.

Every summer, the ‘Friends of Pezenas’, in conjunction with the Pezenas Town Council, mount a different exhibition in the Musee de Vulliod-Saint-German, to attract visitors to their town.

The museum is closed on Mondays. Opening times on other days are 10 am until 12.00 and 2pm to 5 pm.

This year several local private collectors are loaning their fans! They will be choosing from approximately 290 fans, dating from the XVII century to the present day. The display will be supplemented by items loaned by Madame Hoguet from the French Fan Museum, such as montures and other items to show how fans are made.

Pezenas itself is a well preserved historic old town which houses many artisans and Moliere was known to be invited there to entertain. It has had a Protected status since 1965. The theatre has been classified as a Monument Historique by the French Department of Culture and contains souvenirs relating to Moliere.


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