LACE FANS Exhibited! Sebourg, France, 2015
By: Publicity Officer
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Jun 16, 2015


FCI and CE Participate in the Lacemakers’ Biennial in Sebourg, Northern France


The theme: Paraguay and Nanduti Lace, and fans

The dates:   June 6th and 7th 2015

The aim:       To publicize our organisations and lace fans

The result:   Some new members, and an excellent opportunity to exhibit fans!


Over four days in early June, 4 FCI members, 3 being CE members as well, met in Lille before setting up stands and displays of fans in Sebourg, at the request of the local lace society. The Sebourg lace-making group had asked the Cercle de l’Eventail for a display of lace fans as the theme of the Biennial was Nanduti lace an053[2]d fans.

Our friends in CE suggested that FCI might like to attend and add lace fans to the display. Thus we saw Ondine, Sylvain, Anne MK and Mary Cooper loaded down like mules with fans, leaflets, Bulletins, and suitcases, squeezed into one small car, tearing daily through the countryside between Lille, Valenciennes and Sebourg.

We were joined at the event by Edwidge, CE’s lacemaker; Anne Hoguet from the Fan Museum in Paris (providing a lecture on fans on the Sunday morning), and more familiar faces from the world of lace. The event was attended by  lacemakers from Europe in the main. The Lace Guild from the Uk had a stand. Lace experts from Germany and France were present. Exhibitors sold threads and books and the usual paraphernalia, and Sylvain Le Guen displayed his unique fans plus montures without leaves for lacemakers to use.

On display for public view were lace fan collections from Germany, the UK and France ( including some with Nanduti lace leaves). Some rare lace fans attracted much attention and discussion. Lacemakers who were linked to French museums asked if we could notify them if certain fans or boxes turned up, to add to their collections. Art Nouveau polychrome fans are needed, plus fan boxes bearing the ‘La Maison Moderne’ label inside the lid (can anyone help?).

We learnt a lot, talked a lot, explained a lot. An excellent event to attend.



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