2016 St Eustache
L’Eventail et La Mode – report
By: Publicity Officer
In: Past News
Sep 30, 2016

Just a quick pic of the Exhibition we have just mounted.

Successful weekend ( September 3rd and 4th) with members of the Public enjoying fans, asking questions, bringing their friends, and fun for those of us from the FCI hosting the event. Mary and Gordon Cooper, Anne Moulinier-Krebbs ( who devised a children’s quiz and fan fact sheet in her role as our Education officer), Ondine Pavy-Pluvinage ( who lectured on fans of the Great War, displayed her own fans and greatly impressed her audience), Maryse Volet who displayed her War fans and basically helped out with everything . We were joined on the Sunday by two CE members from Paris.

Verdict? Hard work but worth it!


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